How to Buy Art Pottery At Our Live Internet Auctions
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Buying at our live online auctions is easy. Once you review and accepts the terms of the auction you can complete the registration process. In order to register to bid you must provide current contact information and a valid credit card number. After you have completed the registration for one of our pottery auctions you do not need to re-register.

When you are browsing the auction listings you will find multiple photos and detailed, accurate descriptions of each piece of art pottery. Also contained in the auction listing will be the current bid amount and high bidder id. The bidding on each lot is done by a registered bidder entering an opening bid and subsequent bidders entering increasingly higher bids until the final bid is made. Internet bidding works just like a traditional auction except you are bidding from your computer rather than live at the auction house.

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The bidding system will ask you to review your bids after placing them to make sure you did not enter an amount in error. Please review your bids thoroughly to prevent entering a bid in error. Once your bid is entered we can't change or delete your bid.

During the course of the auction you can always check the bidding status on an item and which bidder holds the high bid. As a courtesy, if you are out bid on an item you will automatically receive an email informing you that another bidder has exceeded your maximum bid. However, you can't rely upon the emails to notify you when bidding occurs in the last few minutes of the sale. For items you are particularly interested in it is important to enter your true maximum bid or watch the bidding close online to ensure you remain the high bidder.

Bidding is programmed to close on two items per minute at the scheduled date and time of the online sale. If you are the high bidder at the close of the auction the item will sell to you. The items will begin to close in the order listed on the website.

In order to be fair to all bidders, our live internet auctions feature an automatic extension system which grants a five minute time extension to the end of the sale of any item receiving a bid during the last five minutes of the auction. As an example if an item receives a bid with three minutes remaining in the auction, the bidding will extend five minutes past the originally scheduled closing time. If after the five minute extended bidding, no other bids are placed the lot will close. If with one minute to go in extended bidding another bid is placed, bidding on that will be extended for an additional five minutes. Bidding will officially close on the item when five minutes have elapsed without any bidding activity. Any lot that doesn't receive a bid in the last five minutes of the sale will close at it's scheduled closing time.

After the auction has ended Just Art Pottery will email you an invoice within two business days. After you have made payment, Just Art Pottery will professionally pack and cost-effectively ship your pottery to you.


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